What is a Safe and Secure Truck Park for Heavy Goods Vehicles ?


As its name suggests, a Safe and Secure Truck Park (for Heavy Goods Vehicles) (SSTP) is a fenced enclosure, often topped by barbed wire, whose surroundings and fences are constantly monitored by cameras that shoot day and night.

Access roads and pedestrians are filtered by a control system managing barriers and turnstiles which limit access to the parking area only to persons previously registered with the operator of the Park Secured.

These protected areas allow truck drivers to leave their road units under surveillance in order to be able to eat and / or rest in related facilities provided for this purpose.

Parking is paying, often based on an hourly rate, tariff decreasing as the hours accumulate.


Why Build Safe and Secure Truck Park for Heavy Goods Vehicles ?

Two reasons essentially led to their creations:

1- The most important of all is that the cargoes in a truck are never as vulnerable as when this truck is stationary. That this stop is due to a traffic light, a cork, a road accident or to compulsory breaks in driving times imposed on the driver.

2- The S.S.T.P. are statistically much more frequented by drivers of foreign road haulage companies than by national companies, as France is not naturally known for the English-friendly abilities of its officials : police, gendarmerie, customs, transport police, etc ... To file complaint for example when one does not speak French, it is quickly a day of work lost, hundreds of kilometers not traveled resulting in a cascade of dissatisfied customers to manage.

A third, which has been on the rise in recent months, has emerged in recent years : damage to various levels (image of the company, customs approval, deterioration of equipment and goods, etc.) by migrant flows seeking to get closer to the destination of their journey.


What are the services offered on the S.S.T.P. ?

The main function of an S.S.T.P. is to protect the whole road, the services offered mainly concern the driver. Restaurants, sanitary facilities and even hotels are the services that most often adjoin these secure parks.


Does the concept of the Safe and Secure Truck Park for Heavy Vehicles exist in Community texts?

Yes, since 2010 through Directive 2010/40 on Intelligent Transport Systems (or commonly called Directive 2010/40 ITS). Read this. Pdf archive of Directive 2010/40 ITS by clicking on this link.


Are these Safe and Secure Truck Park registered centrally? To predict my route in advance for example.

Yes. There is both a census through the European Commission available at this address (1). But also various applications on smatphones, tablets and PCs following this link.

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